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Gas or Electric heat source
Wise Heating and Cooling, Inc. provides your home with a clean, comfortable environment in the most energy efficient manner. We are a full service heating and cooling company, specializing in green systems, including geothermal and solar.
No Matter what your heat source, there is a WISE solution for you.

The energy craze is upon us. Everyone is talking "green." Sustainability is the new concern. We all want to use less electricity, less gas, less water...less, less, less.

To do all of this "less," it is important to buy Wise: better furnaces with higher efficiency ratings, light bulbs that run on a fraction of the electricity, solar panels that generate heat for hot water, and wind turbines that make enough energy, that the utilities are buying from you!

Wouldn't it be nice to have a GO TO company that could do an energy audit on your home - and then help you to save heat, lights, water, money and more. We are that company. We will help you to identify your waste, make informed decisions - and install the products that will conserve energy and save your money.

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